Question about zero delay usb encoder

  • I've been working for a bit now on getting a couple of old metal ddr pads working with one of the USB joystick encoders that you guys recommend here for everything all the time, and keep running into an issue.

    I've built a control box that simply adapts some of the buttons on the joystick encoder to the plug for pad 1 and some of the others to the if for pad 2.

    When I have pad 1 plugged in it works swimmingly no issues at all, its been tested for months as it was the only one at first. After adding the plug for pad 2 to the unused joystick buttons, plugging pad 2 on it works initially, but something causes the joystick encoder to lock up to where a button is held down and no others respond, which has been confirmed by removing both pads, which doesn't fix the issue, repkugging the USB is necessary.

    Is this just a simple limitation of the USB encoder? Do I need an ipac to allow this many keypresses at a time? Any ideas?

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