How to install Recalbox to HDD as bootable OS

  • This procedure was used to install Recalbox 6.1.1 onto an Acer AspireOne ZG5 netbook as a bootable OS. This assumes you have a separate PC to burn Recalbox onto a USB drive although dual-boot may be possible with additional third-party software.

    -x86/x64 PC (for Recalbox installation)
    -2 x USB Drive >= 4GB
    -Recalbox 32/64-bit
    -AOMEI PE-builder

    1.) Use Etcher to burn Recalbox onto a USB drive
    2.) Use AOMEI PE-builder to burn the AOMEI tools to a USB drive (use default settings)
    3.) Insert the AOMEI USB drive into the PC to be used for Recalbox and boot to the USB drive
    4.) Use AOMEI partition assistant to delete all partitions on the destination HDD/SSD (The drive will be erased and unusable in this state)
    5.) Insert the Recalbox USB drive into the PC
    5.) Use AOMEI partition assistant to copy the entire contents (partitions and data) to the HDD/SSD using the "SECTOR BY SECTOR method
    6.) Remove all USB drives from and restart the PC

    The PC should boot to the default HDD/SSD containing Recalbox unless you have multiple disk-drives, in which case the recalbox drive will have to be made the default boot drive in the PC's BIOS settings. Recalbox should install automatically and continue to be the default boot OS.

  • Hello, I am by no means (and I mean not even close) an expert. But I installed recalbox to my PC internal HDD by unplugging it from the machine that it will be installed on and using a drive doc attached to my windows PC and then using a free app called Win32DiskImager . I selected the .img file and transferred it to the plugged in hard drive. I then reinserted it into the gaming machine, started the machine and it worked great. I just can't figure out how to put games on the internal hard drive without a network connection.

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