Control problems with mupen64plus / rice core

  • Hello,

    Is it normal that I cannot open the hotkey menu for mupen64plus emulator, rice core, whereas I can open it for libretto emulator? Actually, it doesn't work for any mupen64plus cores, including default settings. I've got problems with n64 games launched with this emulator, as the controller is not properly mapped and I cannot edit it, whereas for libretto I've set my own mapping for all n64 games. Can I somehow make it apply for all cores and emulators?

    I'm new to recalbox and I don't know what a core is, so maybe I misunderstand something.

  • @macu yes it is normal. Only libretro cores have the retroarch menu.

  • @macu Think of a "core" as an emulator, for instance there are many emulators for SNES: Snes9x, higan, etc... Each one is a core.
    Then there are libretro adapted cores (the ones that use the retroarch environment) and standalone cores (with their own environment, configs, etc). Recalbox uses libretro and standalone cores, sometimes you can choose between them as is the N64 case. Sometimes not (Dosbox for instance). The devs choose cores availability depending on the system (Raspi, PC, etc), they do so with performance un mind. N64 emulation is tricky, especially in lower end machines like Raspberry Pi, so its a matter of trial and error which core is better for a game.

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