Wifi driver imcompatible kernel

  • I opened this https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/issues/557 In reference about http://blog.recalbox.com/forums/topic/ive-bought-a-compatible-wifi-dongle-and-i-cant-connect-to-my-wifi/#post-18634

    [root@RECALBOX ~]# ./install-wifi 8812au Your current kernel revision = 3.19.3-v7+ Your current kernel build    = #1 Checking for a new 8812au wifi driver module for your current kernel. A driver does not yet exist for this update.

    And I ask by help in raspbian forum, because here nobody help. https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=885514#p885514

    "MrEngman" Sorry I don't have drivers available for kernel 3.19 so the install-wifi script will not find any. The drivers I compile are for all those available using rpi-update (commit-id), so currently 3.18.3-16, 4.0.5-9. and 4.1.4-15., using the commits from github, https://github.com/Hexxeh/rpi-firmware/commits/master, and for kernel 4.4.0 and rc7/8, using BRANCH=next rpi-update (commit-id). MrEngman

    There some way to compile drivers to recalbox (I dont have knowledge about this), in openelec the dongle is autodetected/installed. Thanks

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    Hello am2. Sorry for your many problems with your dongle. The recalbox "team" have not the same size to openElec team... And note the same community. Recalbox is an open source project and support is mostly by the community... Like you can see, my english not realy good... It's wy a give more "support" on french forum... But maybe you can start to help other english gays ! :D. For your dongle, we have already a compatibility list on github. 3$ to 10$... Maybe you can take a new one already compatible no ? https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Compatibility-(EN)#wifi-dongle (you can edit-it with your dongle ;)). Recalbox is an buildroot distribution. With only what you need to play retrogamming. If you want one distribution more "customisable", you can try retropie. It's a really good distribution with the easy paquage installation. If you want custom recalbox, you need to rebuild it. You have a wiki for that. have a nice day :s.

  • But maybe you can start to help other english gays ! :D.

    (Ó_o) english gays? good try, but Im not english or gay. I tried retropie, but is hard to config, I prefer recalbox, and my dongle is very similar to you, EW7811 UTC (AC600), but more modern, support wifi n. I need only compile driver to recalbox kernel version, but i dont know how make that.

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    "english guys" and no gays ;). If you prefer, people who speak English... I'm french and i try to help you with my "sucking english". Maybe i can stop and live this forum like you "because i'm not english (or gays but what ever) ;D. You can't have the simplicity of recalbox, and the customisation possibility of retropie :s ... I bought the Edimax EW-7811UN and CSL micro BT V4.0 because they are in the compatibility list... And i have stop to buy the Edimax because some guys have problems with it... The CSL is more light and work find :). It's not possible to compile only the driver. You need to include your driver and compile all the distribution...

  • mmm, compile all distribution... bad news, in the future recalbox could be move to up kernel version? je suis spagnole, but my french is very bad and forgotten, its worst than my english. I can understand anything but not write or talk.

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