Recalbox 6.1 and shaders problem

  • Hello all,
    Im using a fresh install of recalbox 6.1 and i notice that the bug of shaders saving is still there. Everytime i try to save shaders config it gives error saving retroarch.gslp
    im doing something wrong? im asking because changelog of recalbox 6.1 says that bug is fixed

    Thanks in advance
    Luis Fontes

  • @luis-fontes Hi, it gives error because it tries to save to a write protected partition. You have to access the Linux console (using PuTTY through WinSCP if you are on Windows) and type:

    mount -o remount,rw /

    That's it now configure your desired shader, apply it and save it, no more error message 🙂 I can say it works in my Rpi 3b recalbox 6.1

  • @pol hello, thanks very much for your worked, no error saving the shaders, but if i quit retroarch and load again i checked that wasnt saved my choice..and anyway to auto mount at boot partions to RW? Because everytime i reboot i need to go to putty and mount them again

  • @luis-fontes 1) To have the shader loaded every time you start a game, after selecting and saving the shader you have to also save the retroarch settings. You can do It with the default retroarch config or per system (core).
    For example, I use different video settings per system so I save a custom retroarch config for SNES, mame, megadrive, etc.

    In the retroarch main menu go to "Configurations" then select "Save new configuration"; a file with the name of the core (e.g: mame078_libretro.cfg) will be created in ./recalbox/share/system/.config/retroarch/config (assuming you are using an sd card).

    Next you have to edit the file "recalbox.conf" in ./recalbox/share/system pointing it to your new custom retroarch configuration that will apply only to that Core (system). E.g. for the Mame system, add the line: mame.configfile=/recalbox/share/system/.config/retroarch/config/mame078_libretro.cfg

  • @luis-fontes 2) you can't make partitions writable past rebooting the recalbox because that's the way recalbox protects itself against bad file handling or whatever, but doing as I said on the last post you will only have to go through the PuTTY thing only when you are saving the shaders/configs for a new system, you may even do It all in one session.
    Tell me if this worked for you, if you are using the same retroarch config for all systems its really very simple.

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