[Problem] - Controller SELECT/COIN issue adding a P2 controller

  • Hi all, I hope to explain my problem as clear as I can... My english sucks! 😛 I'm using two controllers:

    • Gasiaco wireless PS3 controller (Player 1)
    • SNES usb controller (Player 2)

    When I plug the Player1 controller everything is working fine (hotkeys too), but when I plug the second controller, for example, the "select" button is working on the second controller only, so I can add credits on FBA or MAME from the second controller only. In the emulator configuration I think everything it's ok:

    • credit P1 ---> 5 or retropad 1
    • credit P2 ---> 6 or retropad 2

    This is the same on any other emulators, when I'm using 2 controller, the "select" button works on the second controller only. Does anyone can help me to solve this? Thank you in advace

  • i have the same prblem with x360 and ps3 controller cmbo

  • I know, I tried also with a x360 wireless controller and its dongle, same issue

  • does may be this the solution? "In FBA and Mame, press Select to add a credit. In Mame, if your Hotkey is Select, you will have to quit with R1 + Start (in order to have select as coin)" I paste it from the manual... I'm using a ps3 compatibile controller (gasiaco), so should I have to modify exit button on retroarchcustom.cfg or simply configure another hotkey in emulationstation?

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