Recalbox 7.0

Recalbox OS and RetroPie Powerblock

  • Hello everyone, I tried so many things right now, but I didn't bring it to work. Before now, I worked with the Retropie OS with their own PowerBlock (Petrockblock PowerBlock) to start and shutdown the system. Since the begining, i've had many trouble with RetroPie. So I tried Recalbox and it worked all from the beginig 🙂 I want to switch my Retro Project NES to Recalbox, but I need to get the Powerblock to work, so the LED will light up and the Start-Button of the NES will shutdown and start the system. I hope you guys can help me, because I didn't get it 😞 Many hopes and much thanks from Germany Sebastian

  • Global moderator

    Hi sebastian ! 🙂 Sorry, i have no experience with powerblock but do you have read other recalbox project in the forum ? They have some Nes WIP like the WIP of @Grumlyz with led indicator. May be that can help you :s. (It's in french but doesn't Hesitate to ask help :s). Happy to see you in The recalbox community :).

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