Trouble with kodi

  • i have just installed the last beta. When I start kodi, I can't control the menu. I have both a wireless keyboard, that has always work with every other release, and the CEC system (in a Samsung TV). They both work, but the menu always return back to the first option (image) so quick that basically I cannot choose anything else. I have tried disabling the CEC remote or the keyboard but can't fix this. The keyboard works fine in emustation. The problem seems kodi. It's The  first time I see such behaviour in kodi. Any suggestion?

  • I've experienced the very same problem a while ago. Do you have a 360 controller connected?

  • Yes, you're right. The 360 controller was the culprit. Now I've detached the USB wireless adapter for the 360 controller. Did you manage to fix this issue some how?

  • No, I'm afraid not. Right now I'm struggling with getting version 4.0.0 to work. I'll look at the Kodi issue with this, as soon as it runs and report back, if the problem still persists.

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