USB plugs / erratic power on/off

  • Hi there 🙂

    It makes a few days now I'm inquiring about this issue but I didn't find a satisfying patch action nor a clear process to follow. As some people reported a quite same experience, my PI 3b+ (+recalbox 6) shuts down as I plug/unplug any usb device (even if I just make a simple contact between the USB plug and the device). Here is my layout :

    USB1 : 1 sandisk 128go
    USB2 : X
    USB3 : X
    USB4 : X

    GPIO 3 (PIN5) - GROUND (PIN9) : micro-switch button for a clean on/off switch action
    GPIO 5V (PIN4) - GROUND (PIN6) : fan

    On my recalbox.conf : "system.power.switch=PIN56PUSH"

    All the system is quite new (bought 1 month ago) and the PI is a well limented with its genuine charger.

    Note that everything was going well before I introduce the micro-switch ON/OFF button

    So, I've learned by reading about this that this issue is about a quick micro electric charge that is impulsed by the USB connector : so, how to tell the Pi that I'm not powering off the system but I'm just pluging a controller (in my case, I plug a sony PS3 controller on USB2)?

    As I'm a big noob, any help will by very apreciated!

  • @giantcoucou just a precision : if I don't touch the USB plugs, the Pi will stay on for a random time before shutting down (usually it stay alived around an hour), then it will stay off for another random delay before waking up some hours later...

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