Unable to add Roms to Recalbox

  • I received my PI BOY Recalbox yesterday. It came pre-installed with roms. When I connect it to my PC via wifi, I can see all of the roms listed. I have tried adding some of my own roms but every time I do, it says there is not enough space. How Would I be able to add my own roms? I have tried deleting some of the pre-installed roms to make room for my rom but then I was unable to put the original roms back on the card. Once again it said not enough space. Please Help!

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    @beatlesdbp there is no support for unofficial version.

  • I don't really understand how to use that. Can you please further explain?

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    @beatlesdbp Your pi boy came with a pre installed version as you said (with roms which is illegal by the way, as it the reselling/commercial use of recalbox and most if not all emulators).

    There is no way to know what this os is exactly, how much customization was applied to it, or even what version of recalbox it really uses, and what they possible broke.

    There is no support on this forum and/or from the dev team for such versions, as there is already more than enough work on the official version support

    So if you want help, you need to install the official version, at the risk of your piboy not working anymore if your vendor/builder heavily modified things without documenting them.

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