[TUTO] Scrape your roms in shell on your recalbox

  • Yo ! It's time that I translate my tutorial in english. Scraping is something that matters for quite a number among us, recalboxers. The included scrapper is not so comfortable to use, so I've come with a different method. Log in your recalbox in SSH like explained on the wiki then type those 2 commands :

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/substring/fullscrape/master/fullscrape.sh
    chmod u+x ./fullscrape.sh

    Now you can run fullscrape.sh : ./fullscrape.sh Here are the possible options

    • -u : update mode only. It will just scrape roms that were not scraped yet. Quite useful if you already spent some time scraping, or if the previous scrape crashed
    • systemname : you can specify several systems seperated by space (nes snes n64 gb gbc gba megadrive mastersystem sega32x gamegear pcengine atari2600 lynx psx scummvm segacd mame fba fba_libretro neogeo)

    Examples :

    • ./fullscrape.sh : hold tight baby, will scrape everything in its way, dead or alive. You would usually run this only the frist time when you dropped all your roms and want to scrape all
    • ./fullscrape.sh -u : update mode, only scrape non scraped roms
    • ./fullscrape.sh nes fba : full rescrape of nes anf fba systems
    • ./fullscrape.sh -u n64 psx mame : only update n64 psx and mame systems

    WARNING : fba_libretro has a little bug, that will be corrected in 4.0.0 : scraping can't be displayed. This can be manually solved if you really really are desperate ...

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