HOTKEY - EXIT key - EG STARTS with Encoder issue to setup

  • Hello,

    To avoid to use a connected keyboard on the cocktail table to EXIT from MAME games with ESCAPE key, I tried to setup HOTKEY for HOTKEY+START combo to replace the ESCAPE ... without sucess.
    All the buttons are connected to EG STARTS USB encoder.
    I've read topics about manual update of retroarch conf file about hotkey (enable, exit button ...) (replace "ESCAPE" by "NUL" .. but no sucess. If you have this config (EG STARTS), used with MaMe with EXIT combo keys working... You are welcome ! Thanks.

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    @fmo there is nothing to set, just configure your controller in EmulationStation and you will be able to exit any games or so (including mame) with hotkey+start.

    but your buttons including your hotkey must all be part of the same controller / encoder, it is impossible otherwise

  • @voljega
    Hello, thanks for this feedback. I've done it from ES settings. I've set the HOTKEY on a button not used for games ... No action when I press it with START or other keys.

    -> Where can I verify at "OS Level" , my setting has been well registered and ESC from keyboard is not the current EXIT Key. ?

    Thanks !

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    @fmo does hotkey + start work to exit games in other systems ? if yes, it is well configured...

    are you sure your mame roms are from the right romset ?

  • @voljega ... issue solved .. I made 2 actions : Plug-out from RPI3 , the Mayflash adapter for my Atari 2600 Paddle (not working with Recalbox) , and switch USB order of the 2 EG STARTS USB Encoder to assign RETROPAD1 to Player1 and RETROPAD2 to Player2 ... and know HotKey works !


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