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Slowly flashing rainbow-square and an uncontrollable Mario

  • Hello everyone, I am really impressed by recalbox! Until now I got two problem I like to solve. I am on a rb pi2 and use the current recalbox 3.3 beta 17 via HDMI. 1) In the top right corner is a slowly flashing rainbow-square. It reminds me of the very first starting display of the pi. How did you disable it? 2) One of my favourite games is Super Mario Allstars for the SNES. Everythings works fine until the first level starts in any of the inside games. Then I lose the control over little Mario. He just won't move... Only the "hotkey + B" works and takes me to the emulator-menus. I tried changing the emulation-core, but that didn't help. This is strange, because in any other case/game the controls work and even in the Allstar-Menu everything is fine. I tested several roms. I hope anybody got a hint, because I love this game. :) Great site, great project!

  • Staff

    Hi, 1 is undervoltage, change the power supply, you need a high quality 5v 2A 2 you must change the snes core to snes9x_next in recalbox.conf : https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/recalbox.conf-(EN)

  • "Hi, 1 is undervoltage, change the power supply, you need a high quality 5v 2A"

    Oh... I hope I damaged nothing. My first test was on my old first pi. The pi2 was only used 1 hour (mostly the installation). Thanks for the fast answer. Like I said, I changed the core via the menu. I will try the recalbox.conf!

  • Staff

    You must change it in recalbox.conf.

    1. power supply with 5V 2A works, thanks. Is it normal that the square in the top right flashs during the start up nevertheless? 2) "snes9x_next" via recalbox.conf and not the menu did it too! Seems like this advice helps in 99% of any snes-issue. ;) I am interested: Why is pocketsnes chosen as the default core?

  • Staff

    If you still see the square, it's that your power supply is not good enough. snes9x will be the default for rpi2 in 4.0.0 :D

  • If you still see the square, it’s that your power supply is not good enough.

    Just during the start up. Afterwards it is gone. With the weaker power supply it stayed the whole time. Is this still a problem? (Ordered a pi2-ready supply, but this one is from Samsung for my tablet. I would think it is also of a good quality.)

  • Staff

    No problem the only thing that could happen is slowdown in games (if you see it during games)

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