A 3 problems with Recalbox

  • Hi friends. I installed yesterday "Recalbox 6.0" with "raspberry 3B+". Interested in naturally bundle Kodi + retro games. There are a few questions:

    1. After installation, I configured the network, russian language and other small things, but does not start "Kodi", press start, a black screen appears and returns to the previous menu.

    2. How to download games with pictures? I downloaded several collections of games Sega, Nes. but Recalbox no file Manager to access USB Flash and copy with replacement of all folder on the MicroSD. Only works Recalbox Manager through the computer, but I tried to upload the game there and copied only the text and the game has no pictures.

    3. I bought 2 Wifi joystick SVEN GC-3050, do not understand how to configure them. Have 2 wireless adapter, insert, or just one? They constantly both blink off, turn on, during the game stop working, and like the "HOME" button helps to switch the indicator between 4 diodes and like working, but then everything turns off again.

  • I can only help you for point 2.
    I suggest you use the following software to download game covers:

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