No frontend if Splashscreen is not ended

  • Hello all

    I search the possibility to launch the frontend after the Splashscreen is ended.

    If i have this request, it is that the two musics overlap, the splashscreen and frontend.

    Big thanks for your help.

  • It happened to me too, but by changing the "system.splash.length" parameter, it didn't solve my problem (Even increasing it to 30 seconds, however, EmulationStation started too early.). The only trick I've found is going to edit the EmulationStation startup script.

    Connect to the recalbox server via SSH. Then type the following command in the console:

    nano /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation

    Or using the WinSCP software, enter the "/etc/init.d/" folder and edit the "S31emulationstation" file
    Immediately after the line where there is the string "start)", I added a pause of X seconds "sleep 23".
    My video lasts 25 seconds. So I set a pause of 23 seconds to make EmulationStation start after 23 seconds. Leaving a gap of 2 seconds, to give way to make a fade out.

    case "$1" in
      sleep 23

    Warning: make a backup of this file, because with the updates of Recalbox, you will lose the modification made.

  • Big thanks DreyMIX.

    I test this 😛

    I make feedback soon 🙂

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