lost with all those gamepads

  • Hi everyone

    I'm sorry to ask but I'm very lost about to use a gamepad.

    I want to play with my GF but we want a cheap option.

    Sometimes I read a dongle is necessary for ps3 controller sometimes not.

    Sometimes I read xbox360 is nice and sometimes a special cable is needed.

    I would like to play nes SNES ps1 and some gba games so I think I need L2 and R2 buttons right ?

    I have Bluetooth on my raspberry so ps3 controller is okay right?

    Can you confirm ?


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    @lilycorne I use a PS3 CLONE joystick on my RPi3 and I don't use a dongle, just the internal bluetooth. From what I know about RPi3 + it's even better.

    If you are a player who is very detailed, you will notice a small lag with RPi3's internal bluetooth, I don't realize this, but I also read some comments mentioning that they only solved the lag with a bluetooth dongle ...

    That's why you read so much different information: there are so many different joysticks, and more detailed or less detailed players.

    Particularly: I play on my Rpi3 with my joystisck PS3 CLONE without any problem (never realized lag).

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    @zing as Zing said, a dongle maybve necessary to reduce input lag.

    also be aware that pairing the ps3 controllers is a little différent than other controllers, you'll find ps3 pairing process on the wiki.

    other than that, those are perfect controllers on recalbox.

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