WiFi problem (RecalBox PC)

  • Hello I’m running RecalBox PC I can’t seem to get it to connect to my WiFi I entered my SSID & PASSWORD but it still says not connected, I also tried entering details in the recalbox.config file same situation tho.

    I have tried searching the forums I can’t seem to find the right answer or its in another language.

    Any and all help appreciated, loving my arcade machine I built so far thank you recalbox!

  • @princessjakey It's a fresh install of dragonblaze? The team is aware of this issue. All we have to do is wait for the problem being repaired and do beta testing. As long as i know, this issue is only on x86-x64 machines. So, stay tuned and check every often about this (as i do every week :D)



    Edit: by the way, with eth0 works pretty well, try that for now.

  • @bernoo thank you very much for the clarification, been spending hours troubleshooting my machine, it’s nice to know it’s a known bug not just me or something wrong with my machine!

    I will definitely give an Ethernet cable a try!

    Thank you again very very much!

  • Hi there!
    Recalbox box ver 6.0-Dragonblaze, RPi 3 B+
    I have a problem with my wifi. My hot spot have hidden SSID. I still without network connection after entering ssid and key, and switching WiFi switch on in network menu. I checked ssid and key in recalbox-backup.conf. They are correct.
    How can I get a link to the Inet by WiFi.

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