Need Able Assistance With SegaCD Emulation. Blank Black Screen.

  • Good Evening. Recently, I experienced Recalbox for the first time. I was quite pleased. My first game experienced with Recalbox was my favorite from childhood -Maniac Mansion for the NES. There exist an issue for which I hope someone on this forum can provide able aisstance: I am unable to get SegaCD emulation to function. When I launch a SegaCD game I am taken to a blank black screen before being taken back to the RecalBox SegaCD menu interace (where a player can select a SegaCD game to launch). The following data may (or may not) assist in providing able assistance: 1) BIOS files are uploaded.  The mst MD5 checksum program confirms these are the correct BIOS files. 2) Only .cue files thus far have been successfuly uploaded. Files such as .bin and .iso are rejected. All file uploads were conducted using a web browser pointed to the applicable IP address. The preceding statements have proven true for multiple SegaCD titles. Thank you for your able assistance. Such assistance is utmost appreciated. I look forward to playing Double Switch. Also, a DosBox addition to Recalbox would likely prove quite a pleasing experience.

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    Hello Sorry for my english. You need cue with bin of the same game to work.

  • Acris: Thank you for your response. Attempts to upload .bin and .cue files from the same game have seemingly failed. However, perhaps there needs to be an emphasis on the word "seemingly." Therefore, the following is a description of the steps taken to upload the .bin and .cue files from the same SegaCD game: 1) The SegaCD game is downloaded from a website. 2) The .zip file is unzipped to reveal a .bin and .cue file. 3) The .bin and .cue file are uploaded to the Recalbox SegaCD rom folder by pointing my web browser to the applicable IP address.  Only the .cue file is successfully uploaded. The phrase "successfully uploaded" is being defined as "showing up in the Recalbox SegaCD Rom file list." Like .cue files, .iso files also fail to successfully upload. The preceding statements hold true if the files are uploaded individually or as a group. Thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate your attention to my retro gaming woe.

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    Try to use WinSCP to upload your rom files, it should work. There's a known issue with samba shares on the recalbox with large files copy which sometimes fails

  • Voljega: I read the suggestion of using WinSCP elsewhere on these very forums but failed to take action. The files were successfully uploaded by way of WinSCP. I am pleased to report SegaCD emulation now functions without deficits. I would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who replied to this thread for their able assistance.

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