RecalBox - Upgrade from 18.03.09 (Christmas edition) to 6.0

  • Hi all,

    I have the Christmas edition firmware and would like to sample the version 6.0

    I am looking for a way to upgrade my existing system without re-flashing / re-copying roms etc.
    The Update option is selected with Stable - the only other option being Custom.
    There seems no way to force an upgrade.

    I have been looking around but cannot find nothing to help for an UPGRADE and assume I am not the only one to have this needs. It took a long time to transfer roms last time and I prefer not to do it again.

    Question: why can i only see a BOOT partition on the SD card when inserted in my Mac? I wanted to copy the rom off the SD card but cannot see them.

    Well done developers - I hope to get this working and relive days gone by..

    Br Major

  • Tester

    Hi @major4

    Unfortunately, Recalbox 6 needs a new install.

    You need to save your roms and as long as you haven't changed the defaults cores of the emulators, gamelist.xml files and scrap folders can be reused too. Check the bios too, some may have changed or news appear.

    You can't see the Share partition because it's in ext4 format (a linux thing).
    There are several solutions : add a driver in macos to read ext4 partitions (google offers several), transfer your files thru your network (maybe long) or boot your mac (or a pc) with a linux live CD.

    Good luck !

    edit : this is a tutorial for a clean reinstall. It's in french but Google could translate it :à-jour

  • Tester

    @Major4 ,

    For a new install, maybe you can think to use an usb key for the Share folder. Formated in Fat or exFat, it will be seen by all os. It will be safer in case of sdcard bug (it could append) and easier for future roms moving or scrap with an external scrapper.

    Have a look to the wiki :

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