NES Original Resolution

  • Hello!

    I was just wonderig if how can I make my NES emulator to display the NES native resolution on my Recalbox?

    The original resolution of the NES is 299x224.

    I changed the video mode of the NES on the recalbox.conf to:

    nes.videomode=DMT 4 HDMI

    but the DMT 4 HDMI is at 640x480 resolution. I want to achieve the original resolution of the original NES.

    Please help. Thanks!

  • The correct output of NES would be 256x224 pixels, 512x448 at 2x, close to 640x480, but in reality the horizontal pixels where stretched to fill the 4:3 aspect ratio of Tvs of that time. That means pixels wider than taller (not square!).
    If you use LCD TV theres no way to have perfect integer without having black bars on sides and Up/down.
    On a CRT TV you can achieve 256x224 and others creating and using custom resolutions only available using HDMI to Vga to scart (or component). There's a tutorial for this that the recalbox team made

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