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  • Hi, i have the following problem: i put te amiga games in the folders (amiga 600 or 1200) and they are not showing in the list of games. I followed the turorial amiga on recalbox, so i have the folders and the uae descriptor files (i tested with an empty uae also) for each one, i checked the bios MD5 and the bios names in lowercase. Im usin recalbox 6.0 DragonBlaze. Thanks in advance

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    @arturijl you now need to use lha format for whdl and no uae.

    Wiki and any tutorial are obqoletes

  • I had 2,200 games in UAE format that pretty much all worked on Recalbox 4.1.
    Looks like I have to start again also 😞

    And wow, that, whats the best word to describe it, "activity bar" along the bottom on the Amiga emulator now is such a pain and really intrusive on the PAL full screen games.
    Ah the joys of emulation.

    Might just stick to ADF files for all my single disk games, and only go onto lha WHDLOAD files for the multi disk games.

  • @rustymg : You can kick the "activity bar".
    Just go in :
    -Hotkey + B
    -tab Miscellaneous
    -uncheck "Status Line"

    Enjoy the game !

  • @voljega thanks!!!

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    @rustymg keep your uae it might work again in the future

  • Thank you everyone for the prompt replies.

    Thanks to youtube (who would have guessed!) I got a hold of all my A500 / 600 games, and A1200 AGA games, all in .lha format, and all the ones I've tried work perfectly (I'm not trying over 2000 games!)

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