Acris, what a tool

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    New to all this recalbox shyt, and this lil d bag wants to banish me because I asked a simple question that breaks the rules apparently. Couldn't just speak to me like a decent human being, but needed to flex like some #deusch in his mom's basement. High five to you bud. You get your a&& beat in real life, so you hide in your dungeon behind a keyboard! Man o man. I would be so thankful if you sent me your address so we can get together and have a nice friendly conversation. 🙂

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    Private messaging exists for a friendly conversation, you break the rules of this forum, it's the first thing to read when you arrive in a new place.

    Download an official archive and you will have support.

    edit your private message :

    I wasn't trying to break the rules, that's why I edited my post. There was no need to be a dick. You could have easily just sent me a message saying something like Hey man, I know you are NEW to all of this, but you can't say or word stuff like that. No need to be a f%#%&*g tool!

    I have not been disrespectful, bye and good luck with your illegal image.

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