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Problems with Recalbox 6.0 - Strange problem with SNK vs Capcom

  • Hello, folks

    I'm new to this world of Recalbox, so i'm facing some problems.

    Made the jump to Recalbox 6.0, everything was working fine until i download a rom of SNK vs Capcom Chaos for Neo Geo.

    After i played some time, i went and scraped the data for the game and i noticed that the game changed its name on Emustation, something like (nk x Capcom, so i tried to change the game meta data, and my Recalbox froze.

    I hard reset my Pi3 and everything was gone, it was like the system rebooted itself to default settings, and the EMS don't recognize the share folder with the roms. So i took the SD and went to my PC, on the SD, everything was in place. Put the SD back on my Pi3, same problem, the EMS dont recognize the share folder and everything was set to default.

    So i format the SD, burned the Recalbox 6.0 again, deleted the cursed SNK vs Capcom rom and move all the data to my SD again. Everything was normal again, so i thought that the problem was a bad SNK vs Capcom rom, than i went to my brother, who has a Recalbox 4.1 and copied his SNK vs Capcom rom. Saved it on my SD and went to EMS, scraped the data and the same problem happened again. The rom changes its name to (nk x Capcom and froze my Pi3, hard reset and everything was lost again.

    After SO MUCH frustation, i find that the scrap system of the Recalbox 6.0 is busted, but the problem only happens with SNK vs Capcom, the other games were fine. Anyone has faced the same problem?

  • Local Moderator

    Hi @vareasxbox
    How did you scrap your roms ? With the internal scraper ?

  • @scavy With the internal scraper. Since than, i used a external scraper to do the job (Universal XML) and everything is fine, running like a dream.

  • Local Moderator

    @vareasxbox The internal scraper must not be used for instant. You have to use an external one. It seems that UXML is not updated (i read it once), prefer the last version of Skraper or ARRM.
    Good game 🙂

  • @scavy I gonna look for this two, since the XML skipped some games that i have! Thanks for the support!

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