Recalbox 7.0

Changing "choose/launch" button to A and "back" button to B

  • I know this has been asked before in old topics from a year or two ago, but I would like to know if the current Recalbox 6.0 supports the ability to change what button A and button B do on EmulationStation/The Recalbox OS only (without affecting input mappings on Retroarch cores).

    Across multiple systems, the right-most button (A in Nintendo systems, C in Sega systems, O in Sony Japanese systems, etc.) works to "accept," while the bottom button (B in Nintendo, B in Sega, X in Sony Japanese) works to "cancel/return." Therefore, the current ES/Recalbox accept/cancel scheme goes against a strong habit (except for users mostly used to the non-Japanese Sony scheme). Currently, other frontends like RetroPie and Lakka/Retroarch default to the rightmost button as the accept button.

    My current workaround has involved swapping A and B on the controller configuration setting of ES, but then I am forced to swap accept/cancel on Retroarch cores and use overrides, and to change the remap settings for each core and save remap configs for each. This is okay now that I'm only using a few systems/cores, but as I add more this will become a troublesome workaround.

    If there is no way to make this configuration setting, I suggest adding it as an optional configuration on the next Recalbox release. Thanks for your time and input.

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