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OLD 4.0 game remap files not working on 6.0

  • Hi there,

    On recalbox 4.0 (Libretro), I had a remap file for every game (19xx.rmp, aburner2.rmp...)

    now on 6.0, all this files are in the \RECALBOX\share\system.config\retroarch\config\remaps\FB Alpha

    when I start a game, it says "game remap file loaded", but it's not... the buttons are default

    what is wrong?


  • just found this post from @acris (😞

    "Hello a solution for fba libretro and core compatibles. You must use Save Game Remap Option to create mapping for a game. Unfortunately this option is not available for all cores, it is absent include core mame 2003, but is expected by the team libretro. This option create a file / recalbox/share/system/.config/retroarch/remap/system/name_game.rmp inputs containing information for each player: EXEMPLE 1943KAI sous FBA LIBRETRO : /recalbox/share/system/.config/retroarch/remap/FBA Alpha/1943kai.rmp IN GAME : USER 1 FIRE Y AND BOMB B I Prefer FIRE B BOMB A

    retroarch Menu > hotkey+B Quick Menu > Core inputs options Modify mapping button : To user auto loading core option : Save ON EXIT > ON User per-game core option > ON Load Rempa file auto > ON Go out retroarch Menu (hotkey+B) To verify that the option is enabled, quit the game and restart it. The file is automatically reloaded if it is available."

    I'm not finding the "load remap file auto > ON"

    Maybe this option will solve the problem... anyone knows where it is on retroarch menu?

    Just don't understand why when I start a game, it says "game remap file loaded", but it's not...

    it's something like the system is reading the file...

    anyway, how can I confirm the path that Libretro is looking for the remap files?

    thanks again

  • @rodsbrito

    I had the same problem with my NES Gamepad config.
    I used every option i can find to remap the buttons A and B but if i reload the NES system my controller config doesnt work.
    The eumulator says the same "remap file loaded" but nothing happens.

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