Recalbox 7.0

Use one SD in both 3B and 3B+?

  • I'm planning to buy a 3B+, but that will be a few more days/weeks. I want to prepare a new 6.0 image in my 3B in the mean time. Can I do that and when I get the 3B+ just put the SD in that board? Or does the image configure itself specifically for the type of Raspberry Pi when you first run it in?

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    @spudje it does configure itself specifically for the type of pi, a sd for pi2 doesn't run in pi3.
    for pi3b+/pi3b I'm not sure as they are closer, but it's safe to assume it won't work

  • Hello,

    no problem, I just received my pi3 b + 2 days ago, I tested by putting the sd of my rpi3b on the rpi3b + with 6.0 recalbox, everything is compatible without worries, and the power and more is noticeable on some games very greedy.

  • Super, that's good to know, thanks! So I can continue preparing on my 3B 🙂

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