Installing recalbox on PC?

  • I haven't seen a lot of documentation on the PC version of recalbox so if you have a link to something with more detail, it would be appreciated.

    So I'd like to install recalbox on an old PC but it looks like it's meant to be ran off of USB instead of the hard drive. Is it possible to install recalbox to the hard drive instead? If so how?

    I've searched but I couldn't find anything definitive but does recalbox have a minimum spec PC for the various emulators? More specifically, I'd like to run the newest emulation systems possible (ps2 and PSP would be new in my mind). I know my pi3+ can barely run PSP but what about on PC? All I've seen is that anything 2009 or higher should be enough.


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    @ivwshane hmmm no 2009 is not enough, for having good emulation for gamecube for instance, you need a 3ghz processor at least

  • @voljega

    Not to be argumentative but Intel has had 3ghz cpu's since 2003.

    What about my other question; can you install recalbox to a hard drive instead of a USB drive?

  • I think I found the answer to the hard drive install. Apparently you can use etcher and write the image to a hard drive. There isn't a whole lot of details but I think I can figure it out.

    I tried running recalbox on a shuttle PC (sb61g2) which I believe came out in 2004 and has a 3ghz P4 in it but either it can't run it or the initial setup is taking a really long time. :0

  • @ivwshane I have Recalbox installed in a computer. I use computer hard drive.
    You have to burn the image with etcher in your hard drive.
    My situation: putting the hard drive in a slot and plug it to another computer using usb interface.
    Then I put the hard drive with the image in the pc I want to use Recalbox with.
    After, you start the computer and Recalbox runs.
    The first boot can take a while because the shared partition has to extend until using the whole capacity of your hard drive.
    Have a try and tell me if it works for you

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    @ivwshane doesn't mean that evert pc released since 2009 has 3 ghz, very far from it

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