Customizing 360 Wireless Control in Kodi

  • Hello, I've enabled xboxdrv in the recalbox.conf to get my 360 wireless controller to work in Kodi, but now I'd like to customize it. I've customized controls before in Kodi using Keymaps.xml's or more recently using the Addon "Keymap Editor" but I'm struggling getting anything to work. I feel like I have to edit some xboxdrv config file somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

  • After some searching I figured out that I can customize the controls in Kodi by modifying "/recalbox/configs/kodi/input.xml". This is a good start, but this only configures "global" controls. With Kodi you can customize the controls to be dependent on what's going on on the screen. For example the A button would do something different if a full screen video was playing as opposed to navigating a menu. Anyone have any tips or advice how to do this?

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