Intellevision not working

  • I downloaded a lot of bios but the intel is not working what could be the problem,thanks заранее

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    Did you check Recalbox Manager if the BIOS is valid?

    ROM and BIOS is copyrighted, and it is prohibited to ask or post a link regarding this, so you need to get the BIOS on your own.
    It turns out that, you claim that you have already tested several "BIOS", but did not make it clear if you checked their validity in Recalbox Manager.

    You put them in the right folder: SHARE \ bios?

    Have you verified that the name and extension are EXACTLY EQUAL to what you ask for in the Wiki (remembering that BIOS is case sensitive)?

      623cb657903761800f4437b8af exec.bin
      0cd5946c6473e42e8e4c2137785e427f grom.bin
      (It can not be EXEC.bin, nor exec.BIN, nor EXEC.BIN, it must be exec.bin, for example)

    Are you sure you are using ROMS in the correct format? There is a .txt file inside each system folder, read this file, it explains which extensions are valid for ROMS.

  • @zing Thank you very much, it works, but some lag, it’s possible to optimize

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    @kamil Sorry, I do not use this emulator, I do not know how to "optimize". If the lag is in only one game, it may be that the problem is in ROM, it can be a bad dump, if it is, you can try with another ROM of the same game.
    You said you could get it to work, but you did not specify what the problem was, your BIOS is green in Recalbox Manager? If the BIOS has a red signal in Recalbox Manager, the problem is the BIOS.

  • @zing No emulator works, just some games do not work correctly, for example the game b-17 bomber, and so the emulator itself works, maybe it's in rum, tomorrow I'll try on other roms and thank you

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