Feature Request: Sync or Upload game saves to Dropbox

  • Hi.

    First of all: I know Recalbox devs are busy doing a great work voluntarily, and they can bluntly say NO to my request. No problem 🙂 .

    However, I would like to suggest a feature that could be very useful on cases like the 6.0 release where a fresh install is needed: Upload saves to Dropbox as a daemon.

    There is a script called dropbox_uploader.sh that uses Dropbox access tokens to send files from Cli that could be used or used as reference. The feature i envision is something like having a dropbox.user=userofdropbox and dropbox.token=myAuthToken inside the recalbox.conf and all the magic of saving all content inside /recalbox/share/saves is done without further user interaction.

    I know there are other options like hosting your games/saves on a samba share at home. Sending saves to Dropbox(and it could be Google Drive too) would be flexible enough for those who have their Recalboxes online with no other hosts/nas at home.

  • @bloodsurfer Good catch. Couldn't find that thread with the keywords i was using.

    Anyway, having this integrated with recalbox.conf could be a good feature to have 🙂

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