Configure the button?

  • Any one here work with this warpgate image
    I don't know what i miss but on configure button there is missing button, like on keyboard esc key is ok and back to the main page, i did not see it on configure button. Also missing jump and etc, i be happy to get some, like on super Mario the joystick not working at all and non of the button.


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    @mp3lll Sorry, your problem was not clear, try to be clearer, explain better. Also, specify your hardware, and your version of Recalbox.
    Since there is a relationship with the controls, have you mapped the control? If yes: Have you tried to modify it in the Retroarch menu?

  • Hello zing.

    i use Pi with warpgate image, im not sure what is the version, all conact with zero delay usb encoder
    but my issue is if esc on keyboard make exit, i dont find where to config this button will be on my button via the zero
    some button work on some game , and some game non of them button work ( like mario( i dont know what i miss here.


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    @mp3lll You won"t have any help on an unofficial version.

    Anyway even on the official version, as far as I know it is not possible to reconfigure esc button on keyboard but why do you need that ?
    If it is for game exiting you just have to do hotkey + start

  • So how do i back to the main menu on the game?
    where i need to config one player or 2 player button ?

    under the hotkey only?

    i just burn the image from official version and still same issue.
    like on game super mario, the joystick is not working.

    TX men

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    @mp3lll did you even bother reading the manual ?

  • Yes, i did not find what i miss.

    if you can help i be happy. if you just want to To feel right and try to humiliate i did not need it.

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