THEGAMESDB scraper isn't working.

  • I just installed RecalBox on my Raspberry Pi 3B+. I'm on the latest version which is V.6.0 DRAGONBLAZE. The only system I have on my Recalbox is SNES. I'm getting an error which is "WE CAN'T FIND ANY SYSTEMS! CHECK THAT YOUR PATHS ARE CORRECT IN THE SYSTEMS CONFIGURATION FILE, AND YOUR GAME DIRECTORY HAS AT LEAST ONE GAME WITH THE CORRECT EXTENSION'' My ROMS are in the right location so that's definitely not the issue. Has the API for GAMESDB not been updated yet? I know that it wasn't working on RetroPie and it was fixed in a update. I'm totally new to RecalBox. I just came from a previous installation of Retropie. I don't even know how to even get in the Recalbox config to even change the scraper if that's what I need to do.

  • I have the same problem.

  • @lumbeechief081

    If i understand wright, in the newest update the scraper is deactivated till the bug is fixed in updates in future(6.1). See @ changelog

    Fixed in the Stable release (Update)Fix dpad not working out-of-the-box in Mame2003-plusImprove pad/keyboard compatibility in Amiberry (Amiga)Fix Atari 800 .xex files (use uncompressed .xex - zipped files not supported)Fix string garbage in netplay hashesFix key=value with empty value in all config filesFix a crash in internal scraperReplaced azerty/qwerty layouts by country's layouts (en, fr, it, es, de, ...)Fix cursor going back on top of the list when deleting gamesFix crash when deleting last game from a systemTemporary removal of ScreenScraper's scraper until v6.1Default theme updated

  • @gameboy So my theory was correct then. Thanks for the information. I actually researched and found out I can scrap straight from my computer using Universal XML Scraper. This program will do until the internal scraper is fixed.

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