Partition Sizes

  • I've been messing about with the configuration because I use some add-ons within Kodi which take up all the available space on the root partition.  So I went about seeing if I could change the default size. I discovered a file called partitions.json in the os/recalboxOS-rpi2 folder so I changed the value from 2000 to 4000 on the following line:   "label": "root", "filesystem_type": "ext4", "partition_size_nominal": 4000, "want_maximised": false, "mkfs_options": "-O ^huge_file", "uncompressed_tarball_size": 600   I tried this on a new Recalbox install but it didn't work for some reason. So I downloaded NOOBs lite and put the folder '<span style="line-height: 1.5;">recalboxOS-rpi2' in the os folder.  Performed a fresh install and 'Hey presto' I have a larger root partition!</span> Would there be an easier way to set the default root partition size for those using Kodi?

  • nope, for a very simple reasy : the partition sized when you install through noobs. Partitions are made at one of the very first steps of the NOOBS installation. You can't even resize / after due to the partitions order can't you try a symbolic link to another partition ? or usb stick ?

  • A USB stick is your best bet Nick.

  • I'm running into the same problem scraping my game and likely causing some KODI issues I'm having. I'm assuming you made the file change to partitions.json, saved to the recalboxOS-rpi2, then put into NOOBS lite? I'll have to try this later, unless there is a more simple way to redirect the scraper images to a different location.   Also using 64GB card. RaspBerryPi2 3.3.0b17 Sandisk 64GB C10 OverClocked

  • Ok, I didn't use the NOOBs, but instead just extracted recalbox on my computer, adjusted "partition_size_nominal »: 4000" in "partitions.json" as suggested by Nick, saved and copied all the extracted files to my FAT32 formatted 64GB MicroSd. Installed as fresh install and now I have 4GB root partition. Hopefully that's enough space to scrape the rest of my collection of ROMs. Hopefully after some testing it clears up some KODI isses as well, though I think they are Addon related or a system settingpartition I have wrong...

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