Which Configuration file in the properties of the Mame ROMs

  • Hello, I'm trying out my ROM emulator mame, some need the emulator FBA and others only work with mame2010, I'm configuring one by one in the rom properties in the edit option, selecting the correct emulator, my question is: which file is saved with this setting so that I just replace it in a new version of the recalbox without having to do it all over again?
    Thank you

  • Hi
    In the "gamelist.xml" file in the same folder as the rom

  • Hello GDEHON, Thanks for the support!
    Sorry for not being clear, but I mean to identify when I go to the properties of a MAME ROM by pressing Select button, after I choose the Edit Game information option and reconfigures the emulation core and at last I'm going to save, I'd like to know where they are you save these settings (which Emulation Station file saves) so that I do not need to redo this in a future update. Is this change in the emulation core saved in the same gamelist.xml? Would not it be in the Retroarch config file? Thank you

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    @henrique1775 please, as you have already been pointed out, take a look yourself.

  • Thank You!
    That's right the change is in gamelist.xml

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