Clones and parents in fba_libretro

  • Hi, I have a question related with parents and clones. How can I load a specific clone? Can be merged with the parent one? For example, in fba_libretro, trying to play Vendetta, the parent (2.5Mb) is the WorldWide 4Players. But that means that there is no character selector, Player 1 always play the same character. So I got the WorldWide 2Players clone (0.25Mb) that obviously can't be loaded by itself (it needs the parent). But I don't know how to make it works. Copying the parent zip and the clone zip in the same fba_libretro folder create me 2 entries, but only the parent works. There is any way to "merge it"? Thanks

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    Well it's strange, clone rom should work that way... expect if it's not supported by mame in the related version !

  • Yes, it was simply bad luck and using clones that weren't compatible with the bios. I tried so many clones that I though that I was doing something wrong. I found another clone and worked perfectly. Thanks

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