Virtua Tennis (Mame) possible?

  • One of my favorite games of all time is SEGA's Virtua Tennis and Virtua Tennis 2. Since there probably won't be any Dreamcast Emulators on the Raspberry Pi, did anybody manage to get the Arcade/MAME Versions to work with any combination of fba, libretro, etc.? Would be a dream come true for me, thanks for any help.

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    Does it even work on MAME ? I don't think so... Anyway I'm pretty confident that it would lag a lot even on an overclocked  Raspberry Pi2.

  • Isn't that some M2 SEGA system ? The pi2 is not enough powerful for that

  • I guess I'm not allowed to post a link here but it's listed as "MAME 0.164" and titled "Virtua Tennis / Power Smash (GDS-0011)"

  • Nope impossible, mame version available on rpi (not specially on recalbox) are too old to emulate this romset. And even if this romset could be emulated on rpi, the hardware is not strong enough to emulate this kind of 3D games.

  • Hy, Pretty false, i'm using Retropie too, with the Reicast emulator, and Virtua Tennis is working (Dreamcast version), it's still laggy, but it does not crash and I even can play a match, so with optimisation the hardware might be able to perform decently on a Raspberry 2 i guess, in the near future 🙂

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    The reicast emulator is more a proof of concept on raspberry. The hardware is to light for run correctly Dreamcast. It's why we doesn't had reicast or psp emulor. It's just good for "e-penis" now. Not for gamer. (I have retropie installation to, Eighkiller ;)). For me i hop an a good support of mario tennis on N64. That is more possible :).

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