Error on netplay

  • Hi all.

    I'm going to explain the configuration that I have at home, to see if anyone can offer any solution:

    I have two routers:

    • The first one, from my Internet company, with the private IP, with DMZ to the second router

    • The second one, an Asus, private IP in the WAN connection (this is where the DMZ of the router 1 points) and the private IP for the LAN.

    I have configured the port redirection on both routers:

    Router 1: alt text
    As you can see, the port redirection goes to WAN interface of router 2 (this is because the DMZ for some weird reason did not pass that port)

    Router 2: alt text
    Directs the port to the IP of the Raspi (which is a static IP)

    Well, at this point, if I try to join a game in netplay, it shows "It has been correctly mapped the ports in and shortly after I get a message of" Failed to initialize Network" and quick me off.

    I had to configure the redirection rule in router 1 cause without it I always failed to map the ports (mesage right after join an online game)

    Upnp is active on both routers.

    Son, I don't get why this is not working.

    Any idea?

    Raspberry Pi model: Raspberry 3B +
    Recalbox version (build): February 2019 Beta Version
    Hardware (Micro SD, power supply, etc.): Micro SD Samsung Evo Plus 32 GB, Raspberry power supply 9098126

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