Raspberry Pi3 : custom GPIO mapping for two players

  • Hello everyone!

    I and my group need to do a personalized GPIO mapping for the Recalbox OS (v18.07.13) running on our Raspberry Pi3.

    Our plan is to plug to our raspberry pi3 : 2 joysticks and 10 buttons. Originally there's a standard GPIO mapping pre-configured by default in Recalbox, but when the project began we didn't know that and now we have a personalized GPIO mapping that we can't change. We need to change the Recalbox mapping to match with our project.

    That's why we need to re-map the GPIO pins in a way that we can have 2 GPIO controllers

    Could you help me please? Time is running out...

  • Hi, can you explain the reason why you can't change your wiring on gpio? Maybe we could help you to find some easy and non-software alternative first.

  • Because I'm working on a project with electricians that already made a board that collects the buttons input and resend it to the Raspberry. That creates a layers between the buttons/joysticks and the mother board of the RPI3.
    The problem is that the mapping made on the electricians's board is different that the one used by default on Recalbox.

    We're running out of time and we can change de board. Is there a way to modify the default GPIO mapping to make it compatible with our mapping ? I hope you can help us !

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