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  • hey! finally i found the time to install recalbox on my new rpi2 and so far i'm loving it! i really miss SMB/CIFS functionality, so that i can mount my windows-share to /mnt or whatever when i try to mount a share it says: mount: mounting // on /storage/srv01/daten failed: No such device there are various reasons why i'd like to mount my shares, but the most important is: the roms and the saves would be stored on my server (with backups and stuff) storing the saves on an sd-card in an raspberry pi.. hmm... its still an raspberry pi and i still don't trust them very much when it comes to stability and dataintegrity...

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    Yes it would be a nice feature. I'll take a look, could you copy past the whole command you use ?

  • in openelec i used mount -t cifs -o username=rpi,password=password,,rw // /storage/srv01/daten mount -t cifs -o credentials,rw path-to-share where-to-mount rw for read&write i also used /etc/fstab at some time and automounting by adding the following line // /storage/srv01/daten cifs username=rpi,password=password,,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0 i also was able to mount it with retropie, but i'm not sure which method i used...

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