Is it possible to add animated svg files to a theme ?

  • Hello / Bonjour 🙂

    I'm actually working on a project and I was wondering if it is possible to that.

    I know that we can animate svg files for web, I know that Recalbox use svg files for backgrounds. But don't know if it works on Recalbox.

    I'm actually trying to do this, but don't know if I have to change other things, and not just put the animated svg files
    as it is.

    Thanks you ! 😃

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    @yseurk Hello!
    As far as I know, this is still not possible with Recalbox.

  • Thanks for your reply !

    I spent lot of time on that haha, and I always had problem (like only black svg files on recalbox) and didn't succeeded to animate svg files on recalbox. So unfortunately, as you said, it seems that it's not possible.

    I looked about gif, and it's the same thing. Maybe in other updates, haha, should be really fun.

    Have a nice day 🙂

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