[PSX] Final Fantasy VIII / 8 - PAL - Problem: black screen

  • Hey guys,   first off all I love recalbox. It is really a great project. Unfortunately my French isn't very good (I'm from Germany). I have a problem with one PSX Game: Final Fantasy 8 / VIII - important: PAL Version My configuration: RPI 2, 64 GB SD Card, 2A premium NT, OC 1050MHZ, current recalbox version, correct PSX BIOS When I start the PAL version (I tried several versions), I only receive a black screen. Copied to the Pi with WinSCP. I can switch to the retroarch menu... and thats it. Nothing happens and there is no Log file entry (I used the web frontend, logfile window <- is this the place to be?). When I use the NTSC version, it works.... But, I want to be honest. I want to play the game in German 😉 By the way: Other multiple discs games work, e.g. MGS, FF VII. Do you have a hint for me or a tip? Or do you need some more information? Thank you in advance! regards kiro

  • Hello, I tried my french patched FF8 version and no problem on recalbox 3.3.0 beta 16. I didn't try german version, but look if you can find a patched version, this game is known to be protected.

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