Amiga games not starting!

  • Hi,

    I really followed all guides but I cannot let amiga emulator work.
    I have recalbox 18.03.16 on rasberry pi3.
    I put all the amiga 1200 games dir in \recalbox\share\roms\amiga1200, both dir and .uea.
    I can see all the games in starting interface.
    I used the install_amiga script, and I also put the three kickstart .rom files in bios dir, checking also the md5.
    Nothing, I click on a game and I get back to game list. With all games.

    I know there's a way to have a debug file, but if I try to lunch the script from http://recalbox/help, I get the error
    "unable to get local issuer certificate"

    I get use the script via ssh if you want, and upload the result somewhere.

    Let me know, I really have no idea what's wrong

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    @toninato said in Amiga games not starting!:

    I used the install_amiga script, and I also put the three kickstart .rom files in bios dir

    There is no install script anymore, amiga is now fully inscluded in recalbox. So i don't know where this script comes from maybe my old solution ?

    So you might have broken something using that script, do a fresh install.

    Also make sure your whdl dir are valids, doing a first try with adf migh be better.

    Pay also attention to your kickstarts names, they must be all lower case and in the root of the bios dir (no in bios/amiga)

  • Hi and thanks.

    I tried this script, since it wan't working also before lunching it:

    What do you mean with fresh install?

    I checked name syntax and also their location, they are in /recalbox/share/bios:
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 524288 Nov 11 2014 kick13.rom
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 524288 Jan 17 12:20 kick20.rom
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 524288 Jan 17 11:42 kick31.rom

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    @toninato I mean redo a recalbox install from scratch, you should'nt have used the install script.
    It will also allow us to use support script whic will tell us wgat is wrong

    You also must have the right MD5 fir the bios.

    And try with adf

  • @voljega is there a way to reinstall from scratch without backuping roms? Now I have all the stuff in a 64GB sd. Should I move all the /recalbox/share/roms somewhere else?

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    @toninato you should always a backup of it anyway, especialky if you're only using sd.

    No there is no way to keep your roms (except using usb or hdd key as external device which is much better than big sd cards)

  • @voljega Hi, I followed all your suggestions: donwloaded lastes image of Reacalbox for rasberry 3, flashed, inserted all amiga games in roms/amiga1200. I can see all the games, no one is starting!!! 😞

    Any way of debugging this?


  • I succeded just after writing the post above.
    This time kick31.rom was in roms and not in bios.

    Thanks for helping!

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