Original Sony Dual shock controllers - no vibration or analog control

  • Hi all,

    I’m using two original Sony PlayStation Dual Shock SCPH-12 controllers with USB adapters into a Raspberry Pi 3 with the latest version of Recalbox. When playing PS1 games, the digital controls work great (d-pad and buttons), but only the left analog stick works, and only then replicating what the d-pad does (I.e. digital not analog precision). The right stick doesn’t work at all, and the vibration function doesn’t work. I’ve tried two types of USB adapters - a single see-through blue adapter that lets you plug two controllers in, and two separate black adapters (one per controller). Same results with both. Any ideas?

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    @matthewbegg there is no vibrations / rumbling for now on recalbox.

    For analog controls you have to activate them during game in retroarch menu (if I remember right, they are not activated by default because some early games won't start with analog controllers)

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