Roms not loading for every console

  • Good day,

    When I launch any roms, my screen zooming in, loading screen appear for few seconds and screen zooming out in the same gamelist menu.

    It's doing that for all the roms (that used to work just fine)

    My best guess is that they might have been corrupted as my cat ran into the wires while I was playing and ended up unplugging the HDD while the game was still on.

    Before going for the ultimate solution of reformating and doing a fresh install, I was wondering if there would be any way to solve this whithout having to lose everything (many days of scrapping ahead so I definatly would hope I can save it otherwise ^-^ )

    here is the support script:

    Thanks for your help!

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    @elistios hi, can you try to remap your pads ?

  • Thanks for the Help @OyyoDams, for some reason the pad needed a remap but it seems that it was not the main cause of the problem.

    I've run a chkdsk scan on the HDD to find that some sector might have been damaged so I've also run a repair while it was scanning.

    Seems like the scan/repair have resolve the issue so if any of you have a similar problem, check your HDD or drive to make sure it's not damaged or that the files got corrupted from having it unplugged while running.


    Happy holidays everyone!

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