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[Recalbox 7.0+][Snap Videos][Custom mix] Next Pixel theme

  • Tester

    fr Pour les non anglophone la documentation en français est disponible ici!

    ptbr A documentação em português está disponível aqui!

    gbus Hi and welcome to Next Pixel theme for Recalbox

    This theme is designed to display a full screen image for every system that best defined it (or as best as possible) avoiding using in game footage. Most of these systems will have a custom music and a custom rating icon that match that game.
    It is based on recabox-next theme so you'll get all advantages of it (region settings, game list layout settings, etc..) + several options so you can get a visual that suits you.

    Theme is configured by default to use a custom mix to scrap your game images, please read carefully documentation below to get more info even if you don't want to use it as you'll have to adjust theme GAMELISTVIEW option to get it work properly with others mixes.

    Theme is compatible with Recalbox 7.0+ and with 16:9, 4:3 and small 4:3 screens like GPi CASE.

    Here are some screenshots using different theme settings :










    Watch all system images from Next Pixel website.


    To install theme drag and drop es-theme-next-pixel-xxx folder into your recalbox/themes folder. Then choose es-theme-next-pixel-xxx theme from Recalbox options (UI SETTINGS > THEME > THEME SET).

    This theme support Randomizer script, check this link to get more info (Warning : from installation guide "Copying theme/random directory..." is not required as this theme already includes it with some extra customization).


    • THEME COLORSET : choose between several color configurations light, dark or game accent, game accent will colorize some elements using a color matching actual system image, some configuration may mix light, dark and game accent, try them out to find the best for you.
    • THEME ICONSET : choose icons used for bottom left help (same as recalbox-next).
    • THEME MENU : choose Recalbox menu style (same as recalbox-next with an exlucisve style for Next Pixel thème).
    • THEME SYSTEMVIEW : choose beetwen vertical wheel or horizontal system view, for each one you have 3 options to display system info (4 lines info, all lines info or no info), when using vertical wheel please use UI SETTINGS > THEME > TRANSITION STYLE > INSTANT for a better look and feel.
    • THEME GAMELISTVIEW : choose gamelist view layout, you may show/hide different elements and for each one you may adjust for Next Pixel mix or others mixes. If you do not want to use Next Pixel mix select any "others mixes" option here or you will get some weird graphical assets overlaying your scraped images (check Scraping / Next Pixel mix below for more info).
    • THEME REGION : choose your region to adjust logo/console images (same as recalbox-next).

    Scraping / Next Pixel mix

    Next Pixel theme now includes its own custom mix to make your game screenshots and video snaps integration even better. If you never heard of mixes, they're just these images you may download along with game info/description using Recalbox internal scraper or using an external scraper like Skraper. Better than a long description here are 2 captures using standard mix and using Next Pixel mix.

    Standard mix


    Next Pixel mix


    To get more info on how to use Next Pixel mix, check documentation.

    If you do not want to use Next Pixel mix select any "others mixes" option from theme GAMELISTVIEW settings or you will get some weird graphical assets overlaying your scraped images. Press Start > UI SETTINGS > THEME > THEME CONFIGURATION > THEME GAMELISTVIEW > choose any layout with "others mixes".

    Multiple system game themes

    Some systems may contain several game themes, in that case system folder is duplicated with "_2", "_3", "_x" suffix [folder]_2, [folder]_3, [folder]_x (for example cavestory_2), if you prefer medias in that folder just remove or rename original folder so you can next rename [folder]_x to [folder] (then you need to restart Recalbox if it was running).
    Actual systems with multiple game themes :

    • atarist : 1 game theme with 2 different images available
    • cavestory : 1 game theme with 2 different images available
    • gameboy : 3 different game themes available
    • megadrive : 2 different game themes available
    • n64 : 4 different game themes available
    • nds : 2 different game themes available
    • nes : 2 different game themes available
    • ps3 : 2 different game themes available
    • psp : 2 different game themes available
    • psx : 2 different game themes available
    • segacd : 2 different game themes available
    • snes : 5 different game themes available
    • wii : 2 different game themes available

    To help you choose, all systems images are visible from Next Pixel website or if you can't make your choice you may consider using random script so each time you start Recalbox you get a different game theme, read next section for more info.

    Random system game themes

    Next Pixel theme includes a custom start script for Recalbox to randomly change systems game themes. As seen previoulsy some systems may contains multiple game themes, when using this script such systems will randomly load a game theme when Recalbox start. This script named "S997next-pixel-random-system-game-theme" is located at your Next Pixel theme root installation. You need to drop this file in your Recalbox /etc/init.d/ folder. To do so you can use command line tool with PuTTy or tool such as WinSCP to connect to your Recalbox. You may read this to get more info on starting scripts.
    Don't forget to allow write access before droping your file.

    • If you're using PuTTy use mount -o remount,rw / command.
    • If you're using WinSCP open console (Ctrl + T), enter command mount -o remount,rw / and click Execute.

    Note script assumes you are using default Next Pixel theme folder installation. If you changed Next Pixel installation folder name you need to adjust script or restore your Next Pixel theme installation folder name.

    • If you want to adjust script, open the file with a text editor and adjust second line to match your Next Pixel theme installation folder cd /recalbox/share/themes/[set your next pixel theme folder here]/
    • If you prefer to restore your installation folder name here are the right name depending on your package :
      • 1080p : es-theme-next-pixel-1080p
      • 720p : es-theme-next-pixel-720p
      • 480p : es-theme-next-pixel-480p
      • crt : es-theme-next-pixel-crt
      • crt-small : es-theme-next-pixel-crt-small

    Once your script is dropped in the right folder don't forget to change file permission so Recalbox is allowed to execute it.

    • If you're using PuTTy use chmod +x S997next-pixel-random-system-game-theme commmand.
    • If you're using WinSCP right click on S997next-pixel-random-system-game-theme file and from Permissions check all "X" execution boxes.

    Move a game theme to another system

    Sometimes a game theme could match different systems and you may want to use a game theme with another system. To properly move a game theme to another system copy all files from any system folder BUT data folder and past them into another system folder where you want to apply that game theme.


    Contribute / Report issues

    Project is hosted on Github.

    I need help!
    If you're interested to get involve in this theme please contact me using Recalbox forum or by email contact[at]

    • I need photoshop expert to help adding new game themes.
    • I need illustator expert to help adding new rating icons.
    • I need translators, if you can convert english to any language, you're welcome.

    If you don't know how to contribute maybe you can offer me a drink 😉


    Thank you for contributing:

    • lhari84 (german systems info translation)
    • rastaware (portuguese translation)
    • MarbleMad (default game theme)


    Several packages are available depending on your screen ratio and resolution. Actually theme fully supports 16:9 and 4:3 screens.

    16:9 screens

    3 packages are available with 1080p images (full hd screens, 4K, 8K), 720p images (hd screens) or 480p images (intended for Raspberry users).

    If you are a Raspberry Pi user please read carefully next lines (PC/Odroid users can skip to download links and grab package that match best their screen resolution).
    Raspberry Pi may lead to memory issues when using a lot of images. 720p package is the right way to go even if you're on a big screen tv 1080p/4K/8K. I highly recommend to force Recalbox to run at 720p if your screen is running higher resolution, as it will improve performances and images quality. To do so you'll have to edit config.txt using PuTTy or WinSCP.

    Don't forget to allow write access before modify your file.

    • If you're using PuTTy use mount -o remount,rw /boot commmand.
    • If you're using WinSCP open console (Ctrl + T), enter command mount -o remount,rw /boot and click Execute.

    From this file search for hdmi_group and hdmi_mode and set both as following :

    • hdmi_group=1
    • hdmi_mode=4

    Don't forget to remove '#' char on those lines if present.

    If you still have issues with 720p (mainly images replaced with white rectangle) and you already have forced Recalbox to run at 720p you may try to allocate more gpu memory. Edit the same config.txt file, this time search for gpu_mem_1024=448 and set it to gpu_mem_1024=512 and once again Don't forget to allow write access before modify your file.

    Warning : PSP emulator may not work anymore, so if you're not using PSP system this shouldn't be a problem.

    If you don't want to change memory settings or you're using PSP system then you should switch to 480p package, images quality will be less sharp but you should be able to use lots of systems without issues.

    1080p DOWNLOAD es-next-pixel-1080p-1.4 for Recalbox 7.0+

    720p DOWNLOAD es-next-pixel-720p-1.4 for Recalbox 7.0+

    480p DOWNLOAD es-next-pixel-480p-1.4 for Recalbox 7.0+

    Download previous packages for Recalbox 6.1 or lower.

    4:3 screens

    2 packages are available with 1024x768 images and 320x240 images, if you're using a screen with higher resolution than 320x240 pick crt package, if you're using 320x240 or lower screen (like GPi CASE) pick crt-small package. If you're using 1024x768 package with a screen with higher resolution than 1024x768, I highly recommend to force Recalbox to run at the same resolution as it will improve performances and images quality. To do so you'll have to edit config.txt using PuTTy or WinSCP.

    Don't forget to allow write access before modify your file.

    • If you're using PuTTy use mount -o remount,rw /boot commmand.
    • If you're using WinSCP open console (Ctrl + T), enter command mount -o remount,rw /boot and click Execute.

    From this file search for hdmi_group and hdmi_mode and set both as following :

    • hdmi_group=2
    • hdmi_mode=16

    Don't forget to remove '#' char on those lines if present.

    1024x768 DOWNLOAD es-next-pixel-crt-1.4 for Recalbox 7.0+

    320x240 (GPi CASE) DOWNLOAD es-next-pixel-crt-small-1.4 for Recalbox 7.0+

    Download previous packages for Recalbox 6.1 or lower.

    Final words

    I'm all ears to any suggestions or to add alternative game image/music, don't be shy.


    MIT License

    Copyright (c) 2018 mYSt

    Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
    of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
    in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
    to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
    copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
    furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

    The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all
    copies or substantial portions of the Software.


  • That is a very, very beautiful theme, thanks for sharing!

  • Hi, this theme is great!! If you have time left, I'd be very happy when you could add following systems:

    • coleco
    • dos
    • dreamcast
    • fba_libretro
    • fds
    • pcenginecd
    • psp
    • sg1000

    Thanks 🙂

  • Screenscraper
    Global moderator

    New systems are coming in the next Recalbox release:

    • Oric/Atmos
    • Atari 5200
    • Atari 8bits (800/XL/XE series)
    • PC-FX (Japaneese computer)
    • PC98 (Japanesse computer)
    • Amiga CD32
    • SAM Coupé (British old computer)
    • Atari Jaguar
    • Mattel Intellivision
    • Fairchild Channel-F
    • Pokémon Mini
    • Neogeo CD

    Yes I know: Lot of additional work for theme makers! ^^

  • Banned

    @bkg2k Is the Atari Jaguar PC only or also pi3 ?

  • Developer
    Global moderator

  • @bkg2k I hope new final will be released soon. Not because of new systems, those are not so important for me. But support for Pi3 B+ and its integrated, well working bluetooth - even with latest beta 🙂

    I hope maker of this theme will release a version for „good old“ systems from my list above first, because I guess many people use them too. And I really like this mod of recalbox next-theme. It brings a modern interface with big retro feeling in one package 🙂

  • Tester

    @lhari84 Thx for your comment i'll try to add some new systems soon (it's pretty hard to find out a nice image that match my theme with really old system though).
    @Bkg2k @paradadf Any chance to be able to edit its own post? it's really odd and not really user friendly having to reply to its own post to add new screenshot and new features.

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @myst sent me your formatted text in a private message and I‘ll modify your first post entirely.
    This is a measure to prevent people from erasing useful information after the community helped them.

  • Tester

    @paradadf Great thx! I'll let you know when i need to update this post 🙂

  • @myst Thanks, great!
    I can imagine, it‘s not too easy finding hd graphics that match...

    Here some ideas, I guess you could find some usable material on the internet:

    donkey kong (classic)

    warcraft 2 or command & conquer

    resident evil (code veronica)


    super mario bros

    prince of persia

    lumines or need for speed

    difficult... maybe something from game „flicky“

  • Tester

    Thx for the list, I started looking for games yesterday for dreamcast and psp and i thought shenmue for dreamcast and god of war chains of olympus for psp would match well. What do you think of those games? I have never owned any systems from your list so i'm not sure about these games popularity, looks like shenmue pretty well defined dreamcast though.
    Anyway like i've done with playstation system i may add different alternatives for a system to make everybody happy as long as the game picked still well defined the system, when possible using exclusive game from a system is the right way to go.

  • @myst
    I've never owned one of these systems too, except DOS 😄 Just played with friends' Dreamcast and PSP once or twice...

    But some of the systems, like Coleco and fba_libretro (MAME alternative) are very impressive.

    In the meanwhile I've removed some systems from my Recalbox though, as they are (almost) Japanese and not so important to me: sg1000 and fds.

    Further, for fba_libretro, I just copied background and music from neogeo, because I use it also for NeoGeo emulation and so this is a good option. Metal Slug is fine 🙂

    In conclusion, personally I'm only missing coleco, dos, dreamcast, pcenginecd and psp for now 🙂

    Regarding your questions:
    I think Shenmue is a good option for dreamcast!
    For PSP I'd use another one, because God of War seems not to run good on Pi3, so it's not for everyone. Maybe Lumines, LocoRoco or Patapon? They all seem to be exclusive.

  • @myst
    ... just copied doom's background and music to dos (pc), as it's a game that defined dos too.
    So I'm only missing: coleco, dreamcast, pcenginecd and psp 🙂

  • @myst
    ... one more idea:
    pcengine cd seems to be almost defined by castlevania. I guess there is also much material to find on the net.

  • Tester

    So here it is, version 0.4 is available! Initial post is up to date with this version, if you come from version 0.3 here is the changelog :

    • Add dreamcast support
    • Add psp support
    • Add pcengine cd support
    • Add colecovision support
    • Change atari 5200 image
    • Improve basic/details view design

  • @myst wow, thank you so much! Looks so great, cannot wait to have a look on big tv screen in the evening 😉

    Just one more question about music:
    I saw for PSP you've chosen graphics from game Patapon, right?
    The music ogg music file doesn't seem to be from this game, I'm not sure... Maybe you could replace with something like that?

    Also, because of its length, current music file is very big (19.2 MB). Don't know how recalbox handles audiofiles, especially on Raspberry Pi, but maybe it's not good for performance though. Can't tell...

    I'd suggest to give this thread a "Pinned" state, so more users are able to find this theme easily. It's really the best one I personally could find here in forum.

  • Tester

    @lhari84 PSP image is from Lumines II and music should be from Lumines. I can try to change music but it looks like this one was popular for Lumines (accordingly to youtube likes) if you have any suggestion i'm all ears.

  • @myst Ok, thanks for info. As I only know Lumines 1, I have not recognized it. So everything is fine. Thanks once again!

  • @myst Sorry to disturb again, but could you give me info which games/graphics you used for:

    • atari7800 (no idea, seems I'm too young :D)
    • segacd (is it Sewer Shark?)
    • sega32x (is it Virtua Fighter?)

    Just want to make sure I own each game used in theme 😉

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