Using internal HDD for rom directory from laptop?

  • Hello all, i tried using Recalbox a while back and really liked it, but switched to a few others because of being able to run my rom files through my laptop's HDD. I tried many times over to get roms to scan on my internal HDD but had no luck. I know that the OS needs to be on a usb stick, which is fine but does anyone know of a way to be able to pull the roms straight from my HDD? sorry if this has been answered already but i couldn't find anything on this in the search.

  • I did it a while back. I actually preferred to have it on my USB stick, for a whole host of reasons not really relevant for this thread.

    Anyway, I am not in front of my recalbox, so I'm going from memory. I believe you need to go to system settings, select whatever recalbox lists as your hard drive, and you select it. Restart the computer back into your OS (Windows, for me). On the C drive, there should be a folder called recalbox. Place your ROMs in their respective folders in the roms folder. Reboot back into recalbox and your ROMs should appear. Let me know how that works for you.

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