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Boot problems, get stuck on loading screen ... sometimes

  • Hi,

    Im' using Recalbox (TMCTV 32GB image) on a Raspberry Pi 3+, which is build in a handheld console with a 5'' TFT screen which is having a 800x480 resolution. I also use the system as a mobile retro console for my 48'' 4K display. Both connect via HDMI.

    After playing with some setting I'm experiencing that Recalbox is getting stuck while booting, when playing on TV or TFT. Sometime I have to retry the boot process 3-5 times and usually it will work. Has anybody a clue why this is?

    Attached is the image it get's stuck. What I also recognized is, that there is a overlay over the intro video (those vertically opening doors). This overlay sometimes is not present and sometimes is. Maybe this has something to do with this issue?


    Another querstion regarding the game/rendering resolution. For some consoles/games e.g. Nintendo 64 it is suggested to keep the setting low due to the demanding requierements of those consoles/games. I'm not quite sure where to do it.
    In the recalbox.conf there is this global default parameter:

    global.videomode=CEA 4 HDMI //720p mode

    I changed this to 1080p (global.videomode=CEA 5 HDMI) and was expecting a worse performance e.g. on Tony Hawk's 2 but couldn't spot any difference. So is this setting just the HDMI output setting and not the rendering setting for the emulator? If so, where can I set the rendering resolution for emulators? I looked thru the retroarch menu's but couldn't find this setting, as well a in the advanced emulator configuration in the recalbox GUI.

    Thanks for your help, Tem 🙂

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    @temmyn you'll get only support for official version, not MiniCake TV version or any other custom and illegal version.

    So if you want help, use official version, maybe the problem won't even appear

  • I just realized that there are two different intro videos in the resources/splash folder and one of the two videos is with those opening doors and one isn't ... so no overlay here and explaining why sometimes they are there and sometimes not 🙂

  • @voljega said in Boot problems, get stuck on loading screen ... sometimes:

    MiniCake TV

    Ok,thanks. Wasn't curious about that 😕

    What would be the best way to backup all my custom settings of this system and restore it on an official recalbox version (if possible at all)?

    Backup all gamelist.xml from all ROM folders and the recalbox.conf?

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    @temmyn well what did you do as custom settings ? Here's a little rundown :

    • roms, saves, bios, screenshots folders for all your games, saves etc...
    • recalbox.conf and config.txt for your settings

    But if you modified some things in retroarch and/or made some things for your hardware, there might be a few oher places

    And I assume from your first message you bought it, so maybe some thing were done and you're not aware of it ?
    For instance using dual display on boot is not even officially supported on recalbox so...

  • Ok, thanks again. So not so trivial I

    I probalby will setup up recalbox on a new micro SD Card, so I'm able to recover all already made settings. Most importantly for me are my favourites, since the ROM lists on some Emulators are pretty long and I only interested in maybe 30-50 of them. So going through the emulator ROM lists and marking the interesting roms as favourite was the most time consuming part.

    For instance using dual display on boot is not even officially supported on recalbox so...

    You probably got me wrong. I'm not trying to boot 2 displays at the same time, only either one. If the TFT is used a HDMI connector is used to connect the Pi HDMI connector with the TFT display. When playing on the TV i remove this connector and plug the TV cable into the Pi directly.

    I assumed if global.videomode=default is set Pi/Recalbox and the display device will figure something out. Well in fact this was never an issue (resolution/display problems).

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    @temmyn oh ok in that case no problem.

    Favorites will be
    saved with roms folders (they are stored in gamelist.xml

  • Thanks, will give it a try.

    I'm fiddeling around with recalbox for a few days now. I'm so blown away how convenient this system is, regarding it's complexity/functionality. Those guys are doing outstandig work. I'm really impressed 🙂

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