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  • Hey! I'm using my Raspberry Pi with Recalbox OS as my only OS because I find the combo of Kodi/Emulationstation very convenient. I want to use Kodi for handy Spotify playback so I'm interested in SCPlayer. Its a Java Addon which enables the use of Spotify Connect, so you just easily can use your phone to directly stream content on-the-fly on your Raspberry Pi. Everything in the tutorial/how-to worked perfectly and I even can login via the webinterface and control everything as it should work. The problem however is the actual audio playback. The instructions tell that you have to use

    echo snd_bcm2835 >> /storage/.config/modules-load.d/audio.conf

    on OpenELEC and sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835 on OSCM. Those commands are there to load ALSA sound drivers that are needed to do the audio playback. None of them worked however, altough there actually seems to be a lot of content of ALSA already installed (amixer, several ALSA directiories, etc.). I really want to use Recalbox for everything and dont want to use Dualboot, even tough stuff like that should be far easier on openELEC or Raspbian I assume.. Is there a easy way to enable ALSA drivers or am I simply missing some easy command perhaps?

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    Hi, the driver is already loaded on recalbox... It is not a driver, it's compiled directly in the kernel.

  • Okay, well.. But I cant hear anything when I'm playing a song with SCPlayer..

  • This still works?

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