128gb not saving controller inputs 😳

  • Ok this is extremely baffling for me. Used 8gb and 64gb sds ( with Odroid xu4 ) with no issues but if I use a 128gb the system will not save joysticks or indeed anything including WiFi settings. Weird. 😞

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    @wlbear When the system does not save, most of the time it is because at first use, the person did not wait for the complete boot, and the system could not create the SHARE partition, which is where all the saved settings are.
    How did you record the Recalbox image? Did you wait for the first boot until the end, or when it arrived on the black screen and took time, did you reboot (and therefore did not create the SHARE partition)?

  • Aha, So that was the problem!! I thought the system was freezing up so manually rebooted the xu4 every time I thought it was “freezing” will try again tomorrow. So I presume with 128gb the first boot takes a while then.
    Thanks a million for that Zing. 🙂

  • @zing it worked! Took a good five minutes to boot first time. Again a BIG thank you. 👍🏻🌟

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