Two Xbox 360 Controller

  • Hi guys I have two xbox 360 controller (a wireless one and a wired one). The Problem is that i can just use one at a time. So for example if I wanna play a Mario Kart N64 2 player game only one Contorller works. Both Controller are configured in the setupmenu and dedicated. Can someone help me? Sorry for the english Greetings :)

  • Team

    Hi, there are many issues with the xbox controllers. I'm trying to make it work, but that could take some time.

  • in the meantime i tried some other USB Controller (Saitek and a PS3 controller) also with those controller i had the same issue ill just wait patiently for new changelogs thanks for your hard work :) i know its a lot of work

  • Team

    Only on N64 ?

  • Sorry for the late answer yes its only in the N64 Emulator PSX for example is working without problems Greetings from Germany :)

  • Team

    Ok it's related to mupen64 because it's in beta support on recalbox, and we use the mupen64 auto config for controllers. I think you should take a look at mupen64 website for the configuration of 2 players.

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